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Mattress protective cushion - 3-ply

Mattress protective cushion - 3-ply

3-layer protective undercoat with a membrane.

The outer side of the fabric is covered with 100% cotton, while the inner side is made of a reactive polyurethane membrane. It has a soft flannel surface that completely absorbs sweat and liquids.

It retains its properties up to 100 washing cycles at temperatures up to 90 ° C.

This cushion is used in most hospital departments, e.g. operating theaters, ICU, obstetrics, gynecology and children. It protects the mattress against stains resulting from the accumulation of liquids (blood, eyes, sweat) and allows the bed to be kept clean perfectly. It also helps to stop dust mites and bacteria that cause asthma, eczema and allergic diseases

The underlay has elastic bands that hold the mattress on all four sides.

Technical data:

  • External substrate:

cotton flannel

  • Internal substrate:

polyurethane membrane / 20% polyester /

  • Weight:

235 gr / m2 / + - 5 gr / m2 /

  • Properties:

Waterproof, breathable

  • Washing:

It is forbidden to iron, dry in a suspended state

Do not bleach, clean with tetrachloroethylene or gasoline

  • Cleaning


  • Destiny:

Home, Hotel, Hospital






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